About us


We have executed a significant investment creating our company to develop and produce a heating boiler based on cavitation phenomenon with the aid Labour Market Fund in 2011-2012.

The project was started in 2011., Nyíregyháza Industrial Park, on a 4000 m2 plot, where the building infrastructure was set up, and the production equipment are located. 

The site is easily accessible from the M3 motorway, or from the 4. main road.

There are other companies in the same industrial park, like Lego, Electrolux, and several other enterprises have already settled.

The industrial park area ensures well organized transportation, infrastructure, logistics. We offer healthy, safe and high-quality working environment for our staff, workers and engineers.

Cavitation heat generator

At least 30% savings in heating costs! 100% environment friendly

Resulted after more than 6 years development  we proudly introduce the world's first system and technology that is capable to use efficiently the cavitation phenomenon and eliminating any harmful side effects, offers solutions to many problems:

Advantages of the cavitation boiler 

    • The design is not required for installation and licensing procedure, fees, infrastructure development,
    • chimney construction and chimney fee.
    • 150 m2 apartment is heated only 6 KW / h electric energy
    • Noise-free, water-cooled, energy efficient motor.
    • Long-lasting, non-resonant system.
    • 10-year warranty.
    • Simple and quick to install.
    • At least 30% savings in heating costs.
    • 100% environment friendly. There is no flame, no gas, and there is no emission of CO poisoning.
    • Solar systems can be connected.