The company does not sell product currently!

The company does not sell product currently!

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The versatility of the use of cavitation boiler

Property Heating modernization with significant cost savings.

Built-in social container block that ensures heating, sanitary and water supply options in poor conditions. The unit heats the container with hot water, offering cleaned drinking water even from contaminated with bacteria. Works well with electric generator and solar inverters without a battery.

Completely destroying germs and all bacteria in the water! Applicable to clean all kind of  infected water resources.

Create soft water for, applicable to use pharmaceutical industry and soft drink manufacturers.

The dairy industry shall pasteurize easiuly and on low cost, because the system produces  110 ° C water if necessary, and the heat of pasteurization is generated by the cavitation "explosions".

Suitable for disinfection of swimming pool and spas.

Principle of operation

CES Kft has developed a product that utilizes cavitation occurring in the liquid very effectively.

The high-speed rotor decreases for a short time the pressure below steam pressure, and the following sudden increased pressure resulting vapor bubbles crashing,  creating extremely high heat for a short time. This thermal energy heats up the water.

Cavitation heat generator

At least 30% savings in heating costs! 100% environment friendly

Resulted after more than 6 years development  we proudly introduce the world's first system and technology that is capable to use efficiently the cavitation phenomenon and eliminating any harmful side effects, offers solutions to many problems:

Advantages of the cavitation boiler 

    • The design is not required for installation and licensing procedure, fees, infrastructure development,
    • chimney construction and chimney fee.
    • 150 m2 apartment is heated only 6 KW / h electric energy
    • Noise-free, water-cooled, energy efficient motor.
    • Long-lasting, non-resonant system.
    • 10-year warranty.
    • Simple and quick to install.
    • At least 30% savings in heating costs.
    • 100% environment friendly. There is no flame, no gas, and there is no emission of CO poisoning.
    • Solar systems can be connected.